If you have been charged with sexual assault, abuse or any other serious crime, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney who will fight for your rights.

Marybeth Welch, Esquire

Throughout my career, I have aggressively defended those accused of sexual offenses and other serious crimes. If you have been charged or accused of such a crime, I am ready to help you.

The consequences of being charged with a sexual offense can be severe and, in many cases, lifelong. The government may subject you to invasive questioning and seek to imprison you. Authorities may attempt to restrict where you live and work. They may also try to limit your freedom to visit or communicate with family, friends and loved ones.

Once in place, these restrictions are extremely difficult to change. They can even hamper the development of a strong criminal defense – so the time to act is now.

As a seasoned criminal defense lawyer working in the Media, Pennsylvania area, I specialize in helping men and women accused of sexual offenses and other serious crimes. I will take immediate steps to protect your liberty and prepare your best defense.

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